Rugby Equipment

To play rugby it is vital to have the correct equipment. This section caters for all your rugby equipment playing needs.

You’ll find protective wear, training equipment, rugby balls, accessories, supplements and nutrition as well as injury management products.
From balls and kicking tees to a bag for your kit or a support for that injury, you will find all the rugby equipment you need in here.


Training Equipment

Training Equipment

From tackle bags and rucking shields to heart rate monitors for the gym, this section covers all your training needs for on and off the pitch. Rugby posts, ball carry bags, tag belts etc, they are all in here.

Heart Rate Monitors

It’s great to monitor your progress and the gym and make sure you are achieving your rugby fitness goals. Check your improvements with our selection of heart rate monitors to suit all abilities and budgets.

Pitch Training

Everything you need to train on the pitch in one section. From rugby posts and tackle bags to tag belts, rugby ball carry bags and resistance training products, you won’t find a bigger or better selection than here.

Tackle Bags & Tubes

Mini, junior, and senior tackle bags in traditional styles are available here. We also have tackle tubes designed to perfect your tackling technique with a moving target

Rucking Shields

This section contains a selection of junior and senior rucking shields excellent for perfecting your rugby technique.

Various styles and sizes ensure we have what you will need when it comes to choosing a rucking shield.

Agility & Fitness

There’s a fantastic selection of products in this section to help you improve your agility and fitness levels.

From basic cones and markers for team training sessions to speed parachutes and resistance tubes for individual training, we cater for everything.

Improve your rugby performance with products from this section.

Ball Bags

Transport your rugby balls to the training pitch or match with our selection of rugby ball bags.


It’s important to know who’s on your side in those team training sessions.

Our choice of training bibs let’s you know who you need to pass to and who you need to tackle.

Rugby Posts

There are junior training posts and football/rugby training posts from Samba Sports in this section to allow you to practice even when you can’t get to the training pitch.